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First Stone

First Stone

Client: Assimagra

A programme that merges industry and design through the development of new ways of using Portuguese stone. Based on a premise of international experimental research, it explores the potential of the use of stone, substantiated by its material properties and distinctive characteristics. Three main projects were developed, challenging 23 authors from the areas of design and architecture to produce original pieces, establishing a close relationship with the Portuguese companies that comprise the cluster spearheaded by Assimagra.

Amorim App and Book

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Amorim App and Book

Client: Corticeira Amorim

Invited by Corticeira Amorim, experimentadesign developed a book and a digital app that present the most important projects and outputs of this company, which is the leader in its sector. The project involved a methodology of proximity and research with the Amorim team. It was the fruit of direct articulation with all of its departments, from those responsible for important strategic decisions, to communication and marketing, scientific research and industrial production.

With the title The Future is Our Present, the book provides a kaleidoscopic perspective of the company over 228 pages, published in English and presenting a selection of 13 projects, 11 themes and an interview with António Rios de Amorim, providing a narrative of exploration into cork and its industry. The App, which is free, was created in partnership with ALTA International Creative Alliance.


Client: Câmara Municipal de Mafra

Responding to a challenge set by the Mafra Municipality, experimentadesign was responsible for the new project for the Ericeira Tourist Office and the Interpretation Centre of the World Surfing Reserve. The project is rooted in strategic design and contains singular characteristics that underline the relationship between design and the ocean-economy. It sustainably explores one of Portugal’s most important tourist products – its coast and its oceanic cultural heritage – directed towards the tourist market in the 21st Century, which is demanding, informed and cosmopolitan. The project was created in partnership with ALTA International Creative Alliance.

Metamorphosis - Amanda Levete


Client: Corticeira Amorim

The Metamorphosis project was created through a partnership with Amorim, resulting from a process of research and development focussing on the potential and expansion of a profoundly Portuguese material: cork. The project carried out an analysis of the innovative, creative and cutting edge uses of this material, aiming to explore its potential, limitations and power of transformation. A group of leading international designers and architects were challenged to find new ways of using cork and create new products based on this material’s unique combination of properties. This was an experimental project, where the practitioners invited were given full creative freedom to design new territories, functions and forms, assuming cork as a material of choice and a relevant player in the material culture and production of the 21st century.



Client: Corticeira Amorim

The MATERIA collection resulted from a partnership with Corticeira Amorim, where experimentadesign created and reinterpreted the positioning of cork and its use in non-traditional contexts. Starting with the idea that design could be a catalyst for the particular characteristics of cork, a strategy was devised involving creativity and innovation, based on a differentiated branding and communication operation.

For the creation of this new brand of objects, experimentadesign invited ten Portuguese and international studios and designers. As the designer of the name, branding and packaging, experimentadesign was also responsible for the communication strategy for MATERIA, which was internationally launched at the 2011 Salone del Mobile di Milano.

Cycling Bridge

International Call for Ideas for a new Cycling Bridge in Lisbon

Client: Fundação GALP

Commissioned by the Galp Foundation, experimentadesign organized an international call for ideas for a project that foresaw the construction of a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the Segunda Circular, a central automotive road in Lisbon. Challenging architects and engineers to design a new structure for the city, the brief also reflected environmental concerns that were connected to energy efficiency, focusing on the sustainability of the projects in terms of their maintenance, their use of innovative materials, the incorporation of urban integration and landscape frameworks.

From the 52 applications from 14 countries, the jury, presided by the architect Amanda Levete, selected the project from the MXT studio as the winner, and an exhibition presenting the 54 submitted projects was unveiled in 2010. The winning project was eventually executed and the bridge was inaugurated in February 2015.



Client: experimentadesign

DESIGNWISE is a experimentadesign brand of objects and original products created by Portuguese designers. The DESIGNWISE collection, which also produced the "Thought and Made in Portugal" stamp, is not specialized or dedicated to specific categories of objects. Its products crossover various scales and universes: of materials, of uses and price range.

DESIGNWISE's production, which is coordinated by experimentadesign, is manufactured in Portugal, with medium and small industrial units and local artisans, and includes a partnership with the Drug Free Unit of the Tires correctional facility.

DESIGNWISE BY EXPERIMENTA, which is now on standby, started being commercialized in November 2002 in various stores around Portugal, Spain, France and Norway.

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