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Through its Business & Consulting initiatives, experimentadesign provides services in strategic design, consultancy, curating, communication and project management.

Looking at design, culture and creativity as differentiating factors and effective generators of resources, experimentadesign develops integrated and flexible answers, in various formats, for institutional and private economic clients.

By offering economic agents new instruments and models based on the transformative potential of creativity and design, experimentadesign mobilizes its organizational abilities and know-how in order to benefit services and industries, both nationally and internationally.

Through its Business & Consulting activity, experimentadesign becomes an ideal business partner for agents and companies that seek innovative solutions that possess a transversal impact on the challenging context of the XXI century, offering increased competitiveness, revitalization, the conquest of new markets, internationalization and differentiation.



City Cortex

Curatorship, Production

Client: Corticeira Amorim

City Cortex is a research programme that focuses on the intersection between contemporary urban contexts and one of the most versatile and sustainable materials Nature has to offer: cork. It views the city as a living and dynamic organism, and looks into the challenges of the 21st Century, where issues such as mobility, safety, comfort, protection, sustainability and resource management are absolutely essential.

Through the contributions of leading architects and designers, City Cortex will create original projects for public or semi-public spaces in the city of New York, through the development of in situ research on the potential of Portuguese cork and its transformation industry.

Promoted by Amorim and curated by experimentadesign, the programme also focuses on the idea of the city as a playground and a communal, multidisciplinary and multicultural space.

Lisbon Gallery

Curatorship, Production

Client: Experimentadesign

The Lisbon Gallery presents and sells a careful selection of pieces created by the authors it represents, some of the most relevant Portuguese and international protagonists from the fields of contemporary design and architecture. The pieces are also a reflection of its curatorial perspective and practice.

Brining a new approach to the fold, it is based on the principles of research, quality, beauty and originality, placing truly unique pieces onto the market, in limited series or standard editions, covering various areas within design and architecture, as well as other formats that stand beside these disciplines, including photography, video and publications, both print and digital.

The gallery occupies part of the ground floor of a palace which dates back to the beginning of the 19th Century, located in the Príncipe Real gardens.

First Stone

First Stone
Strategic Design

Client: Assimagra

This programme originated from an invitation by Assimagra, in an effort to position Portuguese stone and its corresponding industry in the upper competitive echelons of the international market. The programme merges industry and design through the development of new ways of using Portuguese stone, underlining its specificities and the scope of its industry, and encompassing a cluster that includes over 1500 production and manufacturing companies.

First Stone is based on a premise of international experimental research, exploring the potential of Portuguese stone. Substantiated by its distinctive material properties, the project challenged over 20 creative personalities from the areas of design and architecture.

Experimentadesign is responsible for the conception of the entire First Stone programme, which is the outcome of an application to the Compete programme, led by Assimagra and funded by the Sistema de Apoio a Ações Colectivas – Internacionalização/Compete 2020.

Amorim App and Book
Graphic Design, Development

Client: Corticeira Amorim

Invited by Corticeira Amorim, experimentadesign developed a book and a digital app that present the most important projects and outputs of this company, which is the leader in its sector. The project involved a methodology of proximity and research with the Amorim team. It was the fruit of direct articulation with all of its departments, from those responsible for important strategic decisions, to communication and marketing, scientific research and industrial production.

With the title The Future is Our Present, the book provides a kaleidoscopic perspective of the company over 228 pages, published in English and presenting a selection of 13 projects, 11 themes and an interview with António Rios de Amorim, providing a narrative of exploration into cork and its industry. The App, which is free, was created in partnership with ALTA International Creative Alliance.

Strategic Design

Client: Câmara Municipal de Mafra

Responding to a challenge set by the Mafra Municipality, experimentadesign was responsible for the new project for the Ericeira Tourist Office and the Interpretation Centre of the World Surfing Reserve. The project is rooted in strategic design and contains singular characteristics that underline the relationship between design and the ocean-economy. It sustainably explores one of Portugal’s most important tourist products – its coast and its oceanic cultural heritage – directed towards the tourist market in the 21st Century, which is demanding, informed and cosmopolitan. The project was created in partnership with ALTA International Creative Alliance.

Contents and Layout Design

Client: Fundação AIP

Experimentadesign is responsible for the layout design of Festival IN, which is organized by the AIP Foundation. This challenge was accepted by (e) through a perspective of design thinking, with the objective of creating a differentiating interface within the area of consumption and the sharing of contents. For this purpose, a team involving the (e) mix media design unit and the designer Miguel Vieira Baptista has been created, and will contribute towards making this festival a national and international reference in the area of events dedicated to the creative economy and innovation.
The first intervention was planned for the Festival IN Warm Up (29 and 30 of May), and the second one will take place in November 2013.

Design Debates

Consulting, Debate Production

Client: Veritas – Art Auctioneers

Experimentadesign and Veritas established a partnership that combined the activity of Veritas – international auction house created by a group of specialists with vast years of national and international experience within the art market, and which is now venturing into the field of design, with the extensive know-how of experimentadesign, resulting in a new approach to themes linked to design, investment and collecting.

Reflecting its vocation in the field of research and the dissemination of information and knowledge, experimentadesign proposed the creation and coordination of an International Advisory Board that will provide a strategic frame for the work done by Veritas, along with the creation of a series of debates on the theme of design, collecting, limited editions and series, in connection with auctions.

Consulting, Industrial Design

Client: Corticeira Amorim Group

The MATERIA collection resulted from a partnership with Corticeira Amorim, where experimentadesign created and reinterpreted the positioning of cork and its use in non-traditional contexts. Starting with the idea that design could be a catalyst for the particular characteristics of cork, a strategy that involved creativity and innovation anchored on a differentiated branding and communication operation.

For the creation of this new brand of objects, experimentadesign invited ten Portuguese and international studios and designers. As the designer of the name, branding and packaging, experimentadesign was also responsible for the communication strategy for MATERIA, which was internationally launched at the Salone del Mobile di Milano in April 2011.

Creative Direction

Client: Lisbonaire Group/ Gomes de Pinho

Experimentadesign took on the creative direction of The Lisbonaire Apartments, a hotel unit in Downtown Lisbon. The global development of the project integrated two separate strands: the graphic component for all 19 apartments and as the common areas; and the equipment design through the creation and selection of furniture.

Adding to the low-budget approach of the project, experimentadesign also appropriated the idea that all the resources used in the equipment design should be 100% Portuguese and that the graphic design component should be inspired on the visual richness and identity of Downtown Lisbon. Thus, experimentadesign defined the concept and the briefing, selecting and coordinating 19 designers and ateliers to participate in the graphic interventions, inviting the Pedrita atelier to take on the coordination of equipment design and designer Ricardo Mealha for the conception of the graphic and visual identity of the project.

Building Bridges for a Brighter Future

Curating, exhibition design and production

Client: Galp

An exhibition of the projects designed in response to the international call for ideas for a bicycle bridge over one of the major automotive roads in Lisbon. Inaugurated at the Palácio Quintela, the exhibition presented 54 proposals (models and information panels) from architects and ateliers from 14 countries, including Bangladesh, Brasil, Belgium, Spain, India, Italy, Israel, Jordan, Macau, Portugal, United Kingdom and Tunisia. 3485 visitors explored the exhibition and the inauguration included the presence of the Manuel Ferreira de Oliveira – Chief Executive Officer of the Executive Committee of Galp Energia and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Galp Energia Foundation; André Ribeiro – Executive Director of Galp Energia and Member of the Board of Directors of the Galp Energia Foundation; Fabrizio Dassogno -Executive Director of Galp Energia and Member of the Board of Directors of the Galp Energia Foundation, and José Sá Fernandes, Alderman of the City Council of Lisbon.

Design of an Exhibition Stand

Client: Ministry of Culture

This project entailed the design of an exhibition stand for the Ministry of Culture for the Portugal Tecnológico event, consisting of an intervention conceived and coordinated pro-bono by experimentadesign.

Integrating representations of twelve divisions that are articulated by the Ministry of Culture, the space consisted of a neutral expository platform where various modules and capsules were positioned, providing an immersive experience focused on the display of audio-visual contents. Coordinated by experimentadesign, the execution of the project was supported by the architecture atelier Ubiquidade, and the graphic design was elaborated by Nuno Luz.

Set Design for Canal Q Programs

Set Design

Client: Produções Fictícias

experimentadesign was responsible for the artistic direction of the sets for Canal Q (tv on demand), which is part of the programming of MEO, owned by Portugal Telecom. experimentadesign selected and coordinated the tam of designers that were responsible for the elaboration of a "key in hand" solution.

Following the context of contents and positioning of this thematic channel that covers national interests, the sets designed by Henrique Ralheta (scenography and equipment design) and Nuno Luz (graphic design) consisted of a modular construction adaptable to the various environments of the different talk shows, using analogue visual elements and an original typography.

International Call for Ideas for a new Cycling Bridge in Lisbon

Concept and Production

Client: Galp Foundation

Commissioned by the Galp Foundation, experimentadesign organized an international call for ideas for a project that foresaw the construction of a bridge for cyclists and pedestrians over the Segunda Circular, a central automotive road in Lisbon. Challenging architects and engineers to design a new structure for the city, the brief also reflected environmental concerns that were connected to energy efficiency, focusing on the sustainability of the projects in terms of their maintenance, their use of innovative materials, the incorporation of urban integration and landscape frameworks.

After receiving 62 applications from 14 countries, the jury presided by the Architect Amanda Levete announced the winner, first, second and third prizes along with honourable mentions on the 4th of October. The models of the winner and remaining prizes were on exhibition at the Lounging Space from October 4th to November 8th, integrated into a space of the EXD'09 Biennale.

50Th Anual ATypI Conference

Conference Production

Client: Association Typographique Internationale

experimentadesign co-produced the 50th edition of the summit event of world typography with the Portuguese ATypI delegate Mário Feliciano. The Inaugural session took place at the Cinema São Jorge in Lisbon and was attended by over 750 people.

Voyager 05 - Strasburg
Itinerant Exhibition

Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 2005 Voyager 03, which was first presented at the EXD'03 Biennale, was selected by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Portuguese Republic to integrate the commemorative cultural program of the Portuguese Presidency of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe. With a renovated image and updated contents, it was renamed Voyager 05 and was open to the public in front of the building of the Council of Europe in Strasburg from the 4th to the 11th of July. VO5 exhibited proposals from around 50 Portuguese creators in the areas of architecture, visual arts, photography and graphic design, industrial design, fashion design, product design, video and music.

Voyager 05 - Prague

VOYAGER 05 - Prague
Itinerant Exhibition

Client: Camões Institute

In October 2005, Voyager was presented in Prague through a joint initiative between experimentadesign, Designblok and the Camões Institute, with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Prague.

Curating, Production and Communication

Client: Tap Air Portugal

To celebrate its 60th Birthday, TAP commissioned experimentadesign to produce a project of creative exploration and reflection around the identity of its image. The concepts of reinterpreting the integration of a recognizable Portuguese identity and exploring ideas for the future operated as starting points for the project.

Nine young designers and architects were challenged to conceive proposals for new products, services and platforms for the national airline. The result was presented at the Transit – Contributions for a New TAP Universe exhibition, which was open at the Museu da Cidade Greenhouse from the 1st to the 30th of April 2005.

Pedestrian Bridges for Lisbon

Expanding the city by the river side
Strategic Design

Cliente: APL – Administration of the Port of Lisbon

The APL – Administration of the Port of Lisbon commissioned experimentadesign to develop and coordinate an intervention for the revitalization of the riverside area of Lisbon to reestablish the pedestrian link with the Tagus river. The project developed aimed to present proposals for seven pedestrian bridges over the train tracks between Cais do Sodré and Algés. Three of these projects would reclassify existing bridges while the remaining four projects were conceived from scratch. All proposals were submitted from Portuguese architecture ateliers.

Strategic Design

Client: EMEL – Municipal Public Company for Lisbon Parking

SAL – Silos Automóveis de Lisboa (Lisbon Multi-Story Car Parking) is a project that emerged as a response to the problem of parking in the historic areas of Lisbon. experimentadesign challenged the creative community to reflect on and conceive functional solutions with a contemporary esthetic that would promote integration and respect patrimonial values while resolving issues pertaining to mobility. As a partner of the project, the City Hall of Lisbon defined the priority areas for the interventions that were designed by nine emerging architecture ateliers.

The potential of this project as a stimulant for the creation of new logical sustainable approaches originated partnerships between Lisbon City Hall and EMEL, to produce multi-story parking solutions under controlled construction costs. From the nine proposals submitted, three were taken into a project phase and a forth was taken on for implementation by City Hall.

Linha d'Água

Curating, Production and Communication

Client: Oeiras City Hall

Invited by the Alderman of Culture of the Oeiras City Hall, experimentadesign commissioned a research project for the reclassification of the coastal area of Oeiras. Using a plurality of creative languages as a means to find solutions for urban issues, Linha d'Água consisted of a platform of reflection on the maximization of the city's waterfront and public space.

This initiative counted on the participation of 19 creators from the creative areas of equipment design, graphic design, architecture, landscape architecture, scenography, visual arts, photography, video, multimedia and engineering, presenting ten projects in an exhibition at Hangar k7 located within the Oeiras Metalwork.

Scenography for 'Magazine' Cultural Program

Design de Cenários


Experimentadesign was responsible for the set up design for the cultural program "Magazine", presented by Anabela Mota Ribeiro on the RTP2 television channel.

The scenography was based on working with light and warm colors, creating a feeling of depth in a studio of limited dimensions. One of the standout elements of the set was a green Tulip table signed by Eero Saarinen.

Voyager 01

Itinerant Exhibition

Client: Ministry of Culture

Voyager 01 was an installation/exhibition on Portuguese creativity and a communication operation designed to be exhibited abroad and in Portugal. With especially commissioned contents, it represented an exceptional opportunity for the national creative community. Voyager 01 explored and tested new formats of exhibition, searching for ways to effectively reach the general public.

Created for this first edition, the Voyager concept possessed a character of experimentation, exploration and a crossover of disciplines. Thus, it challenged various artists and designers to create an image for contemporary Portuguese culture. VO1 integrated around 80 creators from the areas of set design, architecture, dance, fashion design, graphic design, industrial design, music, new media, photography, product design, sounds design, video and visual arts.

V01 was invited to inaugurate in Barcelona by the Ministry of Culture, integrating the cultural initiatives that marked the choice of Portugal as an invited country for the 2002 edition of the prestigious Liber International Book Fair.

Reclassification of the 72nd Lisbon Book Fair

Strategic Design, Architecture, Communication

Client: CLisbon City Hall

The project to reclassify the 72nd Lisbon Book Fair, which takes place at the Eduardo VI Park, was intended to improve the articulation between the existing elements as well as to facilitate the circulation of visitors and create an appealing venue, with its own specific programming, visibility and esthetic quality.
A new portico was created for the entrance, the Auditorium-Café was reformulated (with a project designed by architect Pedro Gadanho and visual artist João Paulo Feliciano) along with the children's area, and the general lighting and signage was improved. This project attributed the space with a new dynamic and translated into a development that renovated the image of this cultural event, making it significantly more appealing to visitors.

Fernando Pessoa's Room

Set Design

Client: Casa Museu Fernando Pessoa

Invited by the institution, experimentadesign conceived and produced an intervention that aimed to put Fernando Pessoa's personal library on display for the general public. The intervention consisted of a recreation of the environment centered on the famous poet's bedroom.


Industrial Design

Client: experimentadesign

DESIGNWISE is a experimentadesign brand that edits objects and original products created by Portuguese designers. The DESIGNWISE collection, which also produced the "Thought and Made in Portugal" stamp, is not specialized or dedicated to specific categories of objects. Its products crossover various scales and universes: of materials, of uses and of price range.

DESIGNWISE's production, which is coordinated by experimentadesign, is manufactured in Portugal, with medium and small industrial units and local artisans, and includes a partnership with the Drug Free Unit of the Tires correctional facility.

DESIGNWISE BY EXPERIMENTA, which is now on stand by, started being commercialized in November 2002 in various stores around Portugal, Spain, France and Norway.

Houseware Experience

Mix Media Event

Client: Portuguese Pavilion at Expo'2000

Invited by the Portuguese Pavilion at the Expo'2000 in Hanover, and in celebration of National Portugal Day, experimentadesign presented the 2000 edition of the Portuguese mix media event "Houseware Experience", which was originally conceived for the end of the EXD'99 inaugural week.

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