An architectural interpretation of Portuguese marble and limestone
Álvaro Siza (PT), Amanda Levete (UK), Bijoy Jain (IN), Elemental (CL) and Mia Hägg (SE) have been invited by experimentadesign to reveal their interpretations of the concept of resistance through marble and limestone. This is part of an explorative project into the characteristics and qualities of Portuguese stone. Five renowned architects were challenged with the abilities and constrictions - the resistance - of the stones. The first outcomes comprise innovative and new concepts for the application of the material for public and private use.

These will be presented in the exhibition Resistance located at Villa Hériot on Giudecca Island from 26 May until 4 October, 2016. The exhibition is open every day (except Monday) from 10.00 AM to 07.00 PM. The opening will be on the 25th of May at 05.00 PM.
Álvaro Siza (process image)

The conceptual phase of Resistance explores marble and limestone in terms of their origin, qualities and accompanying manufacturing industry. The invitation to the architects included a specific briefing in which they were challenged to work on the idea of resistance. One of the main properties of the stones selected for this undertaking is their specific high level of mechanical resistance, which represents one of the starting points and differentiating factors of Resistance.

The theme also referred to a broader phenomenon. This project stimulates the expansion of architecture’s territories of action through creativity and the adoption of different views and approaches from various disciplines. This dimension is a way of resisting the banality and decrease in quality that has become visible within contemporary architecture. “Creativity has the potential to show new perspectives and raise awareness, in this way added value is created for society”, said the project curator, Guta Moura Guedes.

This phase will be followed up by the consolidation of ideas in which the initial concepts of the selected architects will be further developed. Additionally, a new set of stones will be introduced and a new group of authors will be invited to contribute to this ongoing project. These results will be presented during Art Basel in 2017.

Resistance is part of a long term research programme called First Stone.

Amanda Levete (process image)
Mia Hägg (process image)

Portugal has an extended history in the extraction of a rich variety of stones. First Stone has the aim to research and disseminate the material properties, the use and the socio-cultural meaning of Portuguese stone. Since stone has been an indispensable element for humanity to build and redefine the world it is relevant to present and research its features into the field of design and architecture. This programme has a time span of 18 months and is divided in three projects: Resistance, Still Motion and Common Sense. The results will be presented internationally in Venice, London, Milan, New York, Basel and Dubai.
First Stone is conceived and produced by experimentadesign with the mix-media partner ALTA International Creative Alliance. The whole programme is promoted by Assimagra, responsible for the cluster of the Portuguese stone.

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