The Faces of EXD’11 feature spotlights people related to the biennale. This week, designers from VIVÓEUSÉBIO, graphic designers for Useless? The Wandering Pain, let us in on their views and experience.

What brings you all to Lisbon?
AA: Joana is from Évora, Giuseppe is from Milan, the rest of us are from here, and stayed here after studying together at the Fine Arts University of Lisbon because it’s the best place in terms of oportunity. After that, we started finding work through VIVÓEUSÉBIO, a project we developed after we graduated.

The VIVÓEUSÉBIO Communication Design Collective, from left to right: Rafael Lourenço, 27. João Silva, 30. Mónica Oliveira. Giuseppe Greco. Andreia Almeida, 28. Joana Sobral, 28.

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Useless is beyond function, it means that things are not obstacles, they have elbow room.  They do not take part in the tyranny of the Modern, that is to say they defy quantification and pricing.  They are full of a celebration of engagement with the eye, bristle with multifarious possible applications – all slightly awry. They rejoice in their difference, their exceptional natures outside the flow of most things – they become poetics built on a fleeting desirous love affair with the eye, the body and the mind.

Useless objects are convulsive objects.  The more useless this book is, the longer it will be cherished.

Neil Spiller

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The Action for Age creative lab has been developed simultaneously in Lisbon and London. The portuguese edition of this innovative intergerational project has been supported by the biennale through its last editions, and this year was no exception. 12 ideas were selected from the 22 schools that entered the national competition launched on October 2010, and Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian now has the outputs from the chosen projects on show. See some of the chosen Action for Age projects in this weekly photo essay feature.

The exhibition at Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian

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Only two weeks from the biennale’s end, the USELESS blog recommends you do more at EXD’11. Since the biennale’s opening week from September 28th, Lisbon was the stage for conferences, lectures, exhibitions, tangents, interventions and parties, all revolving around the USELESS theme and its meaning in an architecture, design and culture context. So if you don’t want to miss out on any of its exciting contents, follow our suggestions for a week at EXD’11.

Wednesday 16 November

When: 14:00–19:00
What: Coelhos Alentejanos (tangent)
Where: Galeria 56 Artes
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When: 10:00–20:00
What: Fernando Brízio: Inhabited Designs (main exhibition)
Where: Antigo Convento da Trindade
+ Info:

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Geographer and college professor Álvaro Domingues, author of Rua da Estrada, was a guest at the  Utilitas I: ”The architecture of misfortune and natural disaster.” last Saturday. Following Utilitas Interrupta‘s theme, we’d like to share some of his photographs and thoughts on cases of failed infrastructural projects in Portugal.

“Margens d’Ouro

Agora que não passam comboios sobre a obra prima de Gustave Eiffel – a ponte D. Maria, 1876/7 -, a ponte transforma-se num piercing urbano, uma jóia de filigrana a voar sobre o rio Douro, unindo margens com memórias de capelas, fábricas e muita faina fluvial. Agora que o rio Douro já não é o porto do Porto, a estrada de água é um espelho para o bulício e a contemplação de turistas e vistas de condomínios.”

Álvaro Domingues

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