Faces of EXD’11: Pedro Gândara

The Faces of EXD’11 feature spotlights people related to the biennale. This week, Marketing Director Pedro Gândara, representing the biennale’s associated brand Samsung, let us in on his views and experience of EXD’11 and the SIM project.

What brings you to Lisbon?
Consumption has been a great part of my professional path; part of my career was in a competitor to Samsung and now at Samsung. We have a set of reasons that relate to our target, to our products, to connect to the creative industries and so it was natural [to associate with EXD'11 in this initiative].

Pedro Gândara, 39, Samsung Marketing Director Coordinator

How has your experience of the biennale been?
The biennale’s theme is very close to home for us. Samsung is a brand concerned with the future and sustainability, and I think the biennale’s theme this year focuses exactly that, which is why we became partners.

What would you say is your EXD’11 highlight?
I find it difficult to chose a single content, honestly. From what I’ve been seeing, I’ve mostly enjoyed everything, especially as the biennale hasn’t ended yet.

How would you define “useless”?
In the current situation we’re all living in, of reinventing ourselves in search of a greater efficiency, we all need to think about what what we want to consume and how we want to consume. I believe we reached a turning point, and this biennale makes us reflect on what we want to do with our wealth, not only that which we possess but also that we wish to leave for generations to come. This biennale fell in the right time, even if for less than good reasons.